Hi, I'm Jamara Wilson!

The work I do help organizations and open-minded individuals who have a current awareness of their business establish organization, structure, and presentation so they can build valuable vendor and client relationships while accomplishing their passion.

Entrepreneur | Speaker | Champion of Multifaceted Individuals | Advocate of Community Building

My Passions

Allow your multifaceted self to shine through in all that you do.


Take a concept and successfully manifest it into something that will solve a problem for others.


Cultivate authentic relationships and help build those around you.


Don't use a lack of resources as an excuse to not grow.


Self-reflect to have a current awareness of your profession and your business.

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Speaking Categories

As a speaker, Jamara delivers engaging presentations with polished visuals that are tailored to influence your audience to take action.


Jamara informs her audiences of strategic practices in her talks. Equipping them with a compelling approach to success.


During all her talks, Jamara inspires her audience to activate the necessary behaviors needed for desired results.


Jamara infuses the power and importance to cultivate in her talks, helping listeners achieve a favorable result as an individual and or an entrepreneur.

Jamara Wilson at Melbourne Regional Chamber Women of Excellence Event moderating questions
Jasmine Burney-Clark
Working with Tuxedo Impressions was one the the best business solution decisions we could have ever made. Streamlining the financial operations of our small non-profit during a time where the organization was in high demand and capacity was limited allowed us to maximize our success.
_Jasmine Burney-Clark,Executive DirectorFlorida's 501c3 Civic Engagement Table
Tannia DeCoteau
Jamara is a visionary. She is resourceful and knows how to create efficiency by using technology for her business clients. I would highly recommend her services through Tuxedo Impressions and as a guest speaker.
_Tannia DeCoteau,Director of Finance, Marketing & SalesMarriott Vacation Worldwide Corporation
Erica Finlay
Jamara was recently a guest speaker for our organization and shared her expertise on systematizing for business. During her presentation she was well spoken and effectively engaged the members in discussion. I know our members left our program more knowledgable than when they walked in.
_Erica Finlay,Design Assistant at Soco Interiors
Alicia Culp (2)
Jamara is a talented presenter and an engaged and well prepared moderator. She shares her passion for helping other entrepreneurs operate more efficiently and leverage the latest technology to drive their businesses ahead of the competition!
_Alicia Culp,Coach and Advocate
jennifer johnson
Jamara was a guest speaker at UCF College of Business in The EXCHANGE and did an outstanding job discussing her role as a Business Process Analyst with Tuxedo Impressions LLC. Her passion for what she does energized the students and I would highly recommend her as a speaker to both a student or professional audience.
_Jennifer Johnson,Director of THE EXCHANGE, UCF College of Business
ashley m. baker
Jamara is engaging, informative, interactive and most of all a pleasure to be around. In all capacities, Jamara is professional, knowledgeable and passionate. I highly recommend that you consider her for your next meeting, event or any other platform in which you may need a presenter or host.
_Ashley M. Baker, CNP,Development Manager at Every Kid Outreach
Gerren sprauve
From helping us systematize processes...to allowing me to take time off and feel "okay" about what was happening back at the office...I've recognized the need for me to have a clear vision with clear expectations. As my company grew, she was able to help me focus on the things that created the greatest returns for our company.
_Gerren Sprauve,CEO at Clean Slate Janitorial Service
diane diaz
Throughout the panel discussion Jamara shared openly about her experiences and insights in business, networking, and career strategies...I was truly impressed with Jamara's vast knowledge and experience and would highly recommend her for any panel session or speaking engagement.
_Diane Diaz,CEO & Personal Brand Strategist at The Brand Teacher
20Years Of Experience
62Small Business Projects

Coaching Services

Be excellent on all levels. Reach your full potential while accomplishing your passions through Success and Accountability coaching with Jamara Wilson.

Let's cultivate an authentic relationship.

It makes doing business less formal.