Be in the Game and Ready to Play

If someone invited you to give a presentation on your services or product in three days are you prepared to do so? Is your small business scalable, ready to handle an influx of clients? Last week I listened to Natalie Madeira Cofield share her journey as a businesswomen at a Walker’s Legacy event. One point she made clear was being in a position to have the ball passed to you and then scoring. She said you have to already be in the game if you want to play. I thought of George Patton’s quote, “a good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed next week.” Being good enough to be in the game warrants that you know how to play the game.

“A good plan ,violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan executed next week.”

— George Patton

I’ve been teased for my habit of thinking and coordinating in advance about a project I want to start 6-9 months later. I’ve been told “Jamara, you are thinking way to far ahead. Stick with today.” I’ve always disagreed. I may not organize the project now, but I at least need to know how to plan for what it is I want to do. Having a general idea and general knowledge about the endeavors I plan to embark upon is important to me. It helps minimize failure and introduces contingencies to consider when I do start planning. You don’t know what you don’t know. Taking the time out to gather information I will need to ensure success puts me in the game before I’m given the ball to play.

Here are some ways to ensure you are in the game before you become a star player.

Read A Book

Read about the subject or topic that you want to master. If you want a detailed review about something, buy a book on that topic. Reading a book that focuses on a specific subject matter will give you details and teach you how to apply the topic. A good book will come from an author who has already mastered this subject and knows the mistakes to avoid. Reading more than one book on a topic will give you many perspectives which you can use to your advantage. It will help calibrate your view on the topic.

Study the Best in the Game

Most of us have someone that we admire from afar and aspire to one day be at the level they are on. Whomever that individual is to you, pay close attention to how they move, work, and speak. Learn there ways and try to understand how they play the game. Study their plays and gain insight on why they play the way they do. In business, sometimes there are several play options available on ways to score. You have to know how to identify your vantage point. There are CEO’s and Executives doing things we would love to do as individuals. Small businesses producing revenue and handling volume we aim to have one day. Know when to be a student. These entities have been playing the game longer than you have and know how to win. Don’t imitate them, but emulate.

Follow the Knowledge

Just like sugar begets sugar, knowledge begets knowledge. Research and learn the guidelines of what it is you plan to do with your business or profession. Gather all the knowledge you can about it. Use the many resources that are available to you. You will find once you start researching a subject, there will be referred links and other relevant sources given to you. Follow those sources and get as much education you can about the rules of the game. The more you know, the more prepared you are. The more prepared you are, the more confident you are in winning. An entrepreneur who exudes confidence is considered ready to play and expected to win.

Being in the game means you’re suited up and already immerse in the action. This includes having an understanding of your business and industry, knowing the strategy of growth, and when to either play offensive or defensive.

What advice would you give to entrepreneurs on how to prepare for an opportunity of sudden growth?

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