5 Ways To Get Through A Task Heavy Day

There are mornings when the moment you open your eyes the first thing that pops up in your mind is a list of all the things that you must get done that day. Sending out invoices, updating expenses, verifying billing, replying to clients’ needs, measuring advertising, and the list goes on. I don’t know about you, but when that happens all I can do is hop up and tell myself “Well, Jamara, you might as well get up now and do it so you won’t regret the decision not to later.

Every Decision You Make In Business Involves 3 People

Years ago I worked for a Fortune 500 company that provided constant ongoing training to its leadership team. We were always sharpening our skills and learning new ways to be effective leaders. During one of our meetings, the Vice President told us that as leaders we have the autonomy to do what we feel is necessary but understand that the decision we make will affect our customers, our employees, and the business. After that moment, every decision I made around business and customer service was applied to that principle. As entrepreneurs, every decision we make involves 3 people: 1 ) Your Customer, 2) Your Employee, and 3) Your Business.

Be Excellent On Your Level

Have you ever felt that your business wasn’t large enough for a particular event? Have you ever wanted to attend a trade-show but felt your business was too young for recognition? What about wanting to apply for membership to a national organization in your industry but feeling you aren’t “own that level” yet? These are fair questions to ask yourself before making decisions about your business. Having an understanding of what stage your business is in is a good sign of business competence. Entrepreneurs, if you feel your business is too young for an investment this doesn’t mean you ignore its current value. Be excellent on your level.