Board Member: Teach Students Money Expo with 8 Cents in a Jar

Start Time

10:00 am

April 6, 2019

Finish Time

2:00 pm

April 6, 2019


Valencia West Campus, 1800 South Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL

Join Jamara Wilson as she represents the Board Members of 8 Cents In a Jar at their inaugural Teach Students Money Expo.


Teach Students Money is an expo for students, grades 9-12, that combines high-energy, interactive sessions designed to educate students on real-world financial life skills.

Through this “Real World” simulation, students assume the role of 28-year olds in Central Florida, who are provided a monthly salary for their chosen education, career and family scenario. At each storefront, they make decisions concerning their standard of living (e.g., a one bedroom apartment versus a three bedroom home) and prioritize needs versus wants to adapt to life’s complications.

To learn more about 8 Cents in a Jar and the Teach Students Money Expo click here.  To volunteer at the event click here.

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