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Inform, Inspire, Cultivate

Work with me

Work with me

Speaker and Panel Moderator

Effective, efficient and engaging is how audiences describe Jamara Wilson Harvin. Jamara speaks to inform, inspire, and cultivate on a variety of topics.

As a speaker, Jamara delivers engaging presentations with polished visuals that are tailored to inspire her audience to take action and redefine themselves. Blending her depth of knowledge with relatable experiences, she connects with audiences as she challenges them to pursue excellence as they develop beneficial strategies that produce the best outcome for themselves and their business.

As a moderator, Jamara allows participants to engage with each other while discerning the level of connection between speakers and audience. She is well versed on expertly managing panels so that every discussion results in each participants receiving the opportunity to exhibit their expertise and a satisfied audience.

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value driven


Jamara informs her audiences of strategic practices in her talks. Equipping them with a compelling approach to success.



During all her talks, Jamara inspires her audience to activate the necessary behaviors needed for desired results.



Jamara infuses the power and importance to cultivate in her talks, helping listeners achieve a favorable result as an individual and or an entrepreneur.

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About me

Meet the Woman Behind the Gifts

Hi, I’m Jamara Wilson Harvin!

The work I do help organizations and open-minded individuals who have a current awareness of their business establish organization, structure, and presentation so they can build valuable vendor and client relationships while accomplishing their passion.

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