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Effective, efficient and engaging is how audiences describe Jamara Wilson.

That’s how audiences describe Jamara Wilson, Speaker, Owner of Tuxedo Impressions LLC and Progressive Cleaning.  With over 19 years of experience in project management, business operations, and process management, Jamara supports and educates other business professionals in small business development, organizational structure and vendor relationships through consultations, published articles, success and accountability coaching to selective individuals, and public speaking.

As an entrepreneur, champion of multifaceted individuals and advocate for community building, Jamara speaks to inform, inspire, and cultivate on variety of topics some of which include: Personal Development; Vendor Relationships; Operations, Structure and Implementation; and Small Business Management.  Her specialties and experience in building Tuxedo Impressions LLC and establishing Progressive Cleaning have allowed her to speak to audiences of the Annual Diversity and Leadership Conference, National Association of Black Accountants, Black Tech Week, Walker’s Legacy and Full Sail University to name a few.

As a speaker, Jamara delivers engaging presentations with polished visuals that are tailored to inspire her audience to take action and redefine themselves. Blending her depth of knowledge with relatable experiences, she connects with audiences as she challenges them to pursue excellence as they develop beneficial strategies that produce the best outcome for themselves and their business.

As a moderator, Jamara allows participants to engage with each other while discerning the level of connection between speakers and audience. She is well versed on expertly managing panels so that every discussion results in each participants receiving the opportunity to exhibit their expertise and a satisfied audience.

Speaking Categories

Jamara uses her knowledge from working with large corporations and experience as a successful entrepreneur to impact her audiences through the following categories.

To compete in today’s market, small businesses must be organize, responsive, agile and embrace the use of technology. Individuals need to be present but strategic and have a purpose. Jamara informs her audiences of strategic practices in her talks. Equipping them with a compelling approach to success.
The impact you have on people doesn't begin when you are in a position of power. It starts when you begin curating your own story. When you understand that self-actualization is more powerful than any position. It starts when you know how to use your talents and skills to thrive wherever you’re planted. During all her talks, Jamara inspires her audience to activate the necessary behaviors needed for desired results.
How are you preparing yourself for what’s next in life? What are you doing to develop an existence where all the resources you need are accessible and attainable from where you are? Jamara infuses the power and importance to cultivate in her talks, helping listeners achieve a favorable result as an individual and or an entrepreneur.
She has great continuity!

I have never experienced anyone moderate a panel like Jamara. The way she sliced through the conversation seamlessly to move things along was absolutely amazing to me. She has great continuity in addition to many other tasks like event planning, partnership coordination, and keeping everyone organized.

Jamila TaylorAssociate Director of DevelopmentNational Center for Children and Families

Speaking Experience

Jamara has spoken to a variety of organizations with a diverse audience.

Jamara Wilson Walker's Legacy Panel Black Tech Week
Sarah Soliman Daudin
Dynamic in her delivery!

Jamara Wilson is a brilliant speaker who knows how to captivate an audience by truly engaging with each and every person in the room. Her ability to deliver content efficiently, effectively and in a timely manner is impressive. She has a way of making what would be a difficult topic to some, easy to understand. In listening to her speak, I noticed the entire room is paying attention and not distracted by phones, email, etc… Jamara Wilson is dynamic in her delivery and execution. Always look forward to listening to her speak!

Sarah Soliman - DaudinCEOSoliman Productions

Scope of Presentation

Jamara Wilson has a wide range of experience in speaking. She is available for Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars, Panel Moderating, Podcast Interviews, Webinars, and Master of Ceremony.

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Jamara Wilson hosting a Walker's Legacy Event in Central Florida at Jazz Tastings

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